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Is the Bible testable?

As part of their claim that Creation Science is not science, Evolutionists often claim that the Bible is untestable. However this claim is based on a misunderstanding of the Bible and what it is.

To find out if the Bible is testable, it is first necessary to determine what the Bible is. The Bible is not just a collection of religious stories, nor is it a collection of myths. It is not even history mixed with myths. The Bible is actually the most reliable ancient document known. It is without question the most well preserved ancient document known.

Even if the Bible were itself inherently untestable, Creation Scientists have produced scientifically testable theories based on it, as such the testability of the Bible dose not affect the testability of Creation Science theories. As a result the claim that Creation Science is not science because the Bible is untestable is shown to be false on the face of it.

Now the Bible gives a detailed historical account of Earth history and ancient Israel's history. These accounts also give detailed information about about other mid east nations of the time. As a result the Bible is at least as testable as any other account of history. Historical accounts are always difficult to test, because the past can not be directly observed, as such any difficulty in testing the Bible is no more difficult than testing any other view of history.

So while the Bible may be difficult to test, these difficulties are common to historical research in general. The Bible provides adequate historical information so as to make it at least as testable as any other view of history, including Evolution.


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