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Naturalism can best be defined as follows:

The system of thought holding that all phenomena can be explained in terms of natural causes and laws.
From:  the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

This is a purely philosophical assumption. Now it is reasonable when studying physical phenomenon to assume a natural cause since the universe normally works by natural means, but assuming that there are never exceptions would cause grave error.

Human intervention can cause affects in nature; if that were assumed never to occur it would result in error. The same thing goes for assuming that there is never any supernatural intervention in the universe. This is particularly true when studying history, since it can't be studied directly.

Naturalism assumes that the supernatural doesn't exist and that miracles can't happen. Implied by this is, of course, that the universe made it self. As a result naturalism is the foundation of Uniformitarianism and evolution. What can best be called the General theory of Evolution includes Cosmic Evolution ( Big Bang ), Stellar Evolution ( “Life” cycle of stars ), Uniformitarian Geology, Chemical Evolution ( The Origin of life ) and Biological Evolution ( Amoeba to man )

The result is that Evolution works from the assumption that the supernatural doesn't exist; as a result any ancient document claiming supernatural events is assumed to be myth. The result is that Evolution has as a starting assumption that much of the Bible is a myth.

Furthermore the basic concepts of Naturalism, Uniformitarianism and Evolution are not subject to scientific testing but they are the assumptions that form the foundation for the development of scientific theories. For example, there are many theories regarding how evolution is thought to operate or the paths by which it is thought to occur, and these theories are subject to scientific testing; but the basic concept  of Evolution is assumed and not itself tested.

Together Naturalism, Uniformitarianism and Evolution form the foundational assumptions of a theoretical system for interpreting data. Often the interpretation of data is mistaken for actual data, this is largely a result of presentation and the fact that the two are seldom presented as different. The fact  is that if the same data is interpreted by a different theoretical system the interpretation may be different.

In resent years new theories such as m-theory have opened up possible way of scientifically modeling supernatural events. M-theory opens up the scientific possibility that there is an existence outside our universe. As result if one considers a supernatural event to be an event caused or affected by events from outside our universe then such theories can model the supernatural.


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