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The Bible 
is an 
Historical document.

Contrary to what some people claim, the Bible is not just a collection of religious stories. Nor is it a collection of myths. It is not even history mixed with myths.

The Bible is actually the most reliable ancient document known. It is without question the most well preserved ancient document known. It has repeatedly been proven right by archaeology and shown its scientific value. Being the word of God, it is much more than an historical document.  But that only increase its credibility.

The Bible's historical accounts are eyewitness accounts, in some cases by God, in other cases by the human authors. Eleven such accounts seem have been compiled by Moses to make the Book of Genesis, this is know as the tablet theory.

Some parts of the Bible, dismissed by skeptics as myth, have been confirmed by archaeology.  Examples include the existence of Ur, the existence of  the Hittites, and the exodus of Hebrews from Egypt.

The Bible also claims that the Earth and Universe were created in six literal Earth days, from six to eight thousand years ago. It further says that God created man (Adam), put him in the Garden of Eden, and gave him one rule: "Don't eat  the fruit of one of the trees in the garden. God then created the first woman ( Eve ) from Adams rib. One day, with prodding of Satan (through a snake), Adam and Eve eat the from that tree.  As a  result, sin and death entered the world.  The Bible also says that sometime later there was a global flood. This represents a major geologic discontinuity.

The Bible's proven track record requires that these claims be taken seriously.


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