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Attempts to reconcile 
the Bible 
with naturalistic 
origin models.

Starting in the late 1700’s, in the name of science, some men started to claim that the Bible is wrong about  the age of  the Earth. Instead of theologians questioning the bases for these claims, most started looking for ways to place those theoretical timescales into the Bible.

The problem is: where do you place these millions and billions of years?  Some of the proposals that have been made include:

  1. Theistic Evolution. This is the view that God used evolution to "create" the world by directing the process. It considers the Genesis account to be nothing more than a metaphor. This is the most umbiblical of the proposals, and is held by the most liberal of theologians.
  2. Progressive Creation. This is a small improvement over Theistic evolution. In this view God actually creates things, but He supposedly did it in steps that mimicked evolution but leaving definite gaps. This view at least recognizes that evolution theory is not a proven fact and man is still recognized as a special creation. The days of creation are viewed as metaphorically representing this process. It is still unbiblical.
  3. The Age Day Theory. This view claims that the days of creation represent vast periods of time rather than real Earth days. It is basically a simplified version of progressive creation.
  4. Gap theory. This is the most Biblical of the compromise views. This view, simply stated, claims that there was a gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. Unlike the other three it takes the creation week a literal and the days as literal Earth days. Those who hold to this view at least know what Evening and morning mean. The big problem with this view is that there is no scriptural reason for the alleged gap.

 Most those who hold the views of Theistic Evolution, Progressive Creation, or The Age Day Theory also claim that the Flood was just a local flood.

The main problem with these views is that the Bible plus nothing leads to only a few thousand years since creation. This is even admitted to by their adherents. A literal  interpretation of the Bible shows that death came after sin and that man is responsible for death.

However, when one takes the Bible plus man's theoretical dating methods, allowing for millions of years, then death come before sin and God is responsible for death. This is a big difference and it is a problem for Theistic Evolutionists, Progressive Creationists,  Day Age theorists, Gap theorists and all others holding compromise positions. The simple fact is that these reinterpretations destroy the credibility of the Bible.


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