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The problem of seeing distant star light is the biggest problem for Young Earth Creationists. This is because it is the only truly objective evidence for an old universe. The reason is that a light year is the distance traveled at the speed of light in a vacuum in one year. As such if a star is a billion light years away, it would take a billion years for the light to reach Earth. So how can we see a galaxy billions of light years away, if the universe is less than ten thousand years old?

Every attempt to solve this problem falls under one of the following categories:

  1.  The Light did not travel the distance.
  2.  Distant stars were created before day 1 of the creation week.
  3.  Time dilation.
  4.  The light got here faster.

Every one of these categories has produced theories. I deal with the ones that I know about in the following articles.

The Light did not travel the distance

Are the Distances Real?

Mature Creation.

The light got here faster

  C-decay Theory

Time dilation

Pocket of Time Dilation

White Hole Cosmology

Cosmological relativity   


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