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Also known as the Created in Transit theory, this idea proposes that God created the light from distant stars already in transit between the star and Earth.

It is usually justified based on the fact that God created the world functional. Living things were created as adults, this resulted from the necessity of having a functional world. However there would be no evidence of growth, or wear and tear. Geological features were created complete and in place because of the necessity of having a functional world, but there would be no evidence of erosion.

The difference is that one was necessary for functionality, while the other is providing false information implying events that never occurred. In March 1987 a supper nova was seen in the Large Magellanic Cloud, the closest galaxy to our own. It is a small irregular galaxy 169,000 Light years away. According to this model, on day 4 of creation God  created a beam of light. The light  showed the image of a star out to say  7,000 light years. At this point He created  the image of a supper nova in progress with all the processes going on. He then created a beam about 162,000 Light years long with the image of the supper nova remnant and finally He creates the supper nova remnant itself. According to this model this model the star and super nova never existed out there.

The big problem is that while God could have done it this way, there is a hint of dishonesty in this model. It would be giving a people an excuse to reject the Bible. It is akin to the old idea the fossils were created in the rock to test man's faith. This is the type of model that give creationists a bad name because it is bad science, and denies the validity of observation. It is bad theology that brings God's honesty into question. It is not a good solution but is still popular among non-scientists but is falling out of  favor with creation scientists.



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