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C-decay Theory

This model states that the speed of light (c) was faster in the past and that it has slowed over time. The concept was developed Dr. Barry Setterfield and V. S. Troitskii, based on past measurements of the speed of light. The data show an apparent decay trend that levels off as time goes on. It has the added benefit of accelerating nuclear decay.  Since decay rates are related to the speed of light, this would destroy radiometric dating.

One of benefits of this theory is that it can be tested by checking in related values and measuring the speed of light itself and checking for changes of over time. There should also be an apparent slowing of motion as one looks further out into space.

The big problem with testing this model is that in 1983 the speed of light became a defined quantity used to define both length and time. Any change in speed of light would change length and time, making any change almost undetectable.

There are other problems with this theory. First of all such a large change in c would mean large changes in other quantities and the effect of such a large change are unknown. It is not even known if life would be possible. Furthermore the analysis of past measurements has been questioned.  Among other things the oldest measurements have large margins of error. The trend could be a result of improvement in measurement methods. Also, all of the data points do not fit a curve when graphed. At best it represents a small fluctuation in c and not a trend that could be projected back six to ten thousand years.

This model has fallen out of favor among creationists, but there are still strong adherents that are still trying to test it. The positive result of this model is that it has encouraged serious scientific investigation of this problem.

It was good attempt at a solution, and the first real scientific solution to this problem to be proposed.  It is testable, but it has problems and does not seem to have worked out. Hence it can no longer be considered a good solution.


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