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Scientific Definition of the Supernatural

Can science consider and study the supernatural? Answering this question requires a scientific definition of supernatural. Unfortunately there is no official scientific definition of supernatural. The reason this is the case is the desire on the part of the scientific establishment to keep any consideration of the supernatural out of science. 

In looking for a scientific definition of supernatural it is necessary to start with a standard dictionary definition of supernatural.  According to The American HeritageŽ Dictionary of the English Language the primary definition of supernatural is “Of or relating to existence outside the natural world.”

Since the natural world constitutes our entire universe, it is logical to rephrase this definition as “Of or relating to existence outside the Universe.” This makes for a perfect scientific definition of supernatural.

So here is a perfect scientific definition of supernatural.

Supernatural: Of or relating to existence outside the Universe.

Supernatural event: Any event that has a caused out side the Universe.

Now while this definition allows for an influence by a supernatural intelligence such as God, it does not intrinsically require that there be any intelligents involved an would include totally mechanistic causes from out side the universe.

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