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What is Creation Science?

What is Science?


Creation Science

Historical documents verses other dating methods.

The Bible is an Historical document.

Attempts to reconcile the Bible with naturalistic origin models.

Why Creation is important?

Same Evidence Different Interpretations

Is the Bible testable?

Is Creation Science, scientific?

The Supernatural

Science and the Supernatural

Scientific Definition of the Supernatural

Scientific Proof of the Supernatural

Astronomy and Cosmology.

The Big Bang

Galactic Red Shift and Cosmic Background Radiation

Nebula Hypothesis

Star Birth?

Stellar Evolution

Helioseismology and the Standard Solar Model

Catastrophic Young Mars Model

How can we seeing distant stars in a young universe?

The Problem.

Are the Distances Real?

Mature Creation.

C-decay Theory

Pocket of Time Dilation

White Hole Cosmology

Cosmological Relativity

Are we descended from one couple? Adam and Eve?

Mitochondrial Eve.

DNA and Babel

Dose the Bible say that the Sun goes around the Earth?

Geocentricity and the Bible


Uniformitarianism and Geologic Column Basics.

Geology Background

Various radiometric dating methods.

Problems for the three principles of stratigraphy

Problems for the Geologic Column.

Flood Geology

The Grand Canyon

Mt. St. Helens

Ethiopian Volcano Causes Catastrophic Geology

The Karoo vertebrate non-problem

What about the iridium layer?

II Peter 3:3-6

Is there Evidence for a Young Earth?

What the Bible says about the age of the Earth.

Dating methods give maximum dates not absolute dates.

Evidence from space.

Evidence from the Earth.

Evidence from man.

Alleged old Earth evidence.

Stalactites and Stalagmites

Niagara Falls

Mississippi Delta

Ice cores

Paleontological Evidence for Old Age

Tree Rings


Milankovitch cycles

Is there really evidence for Evolution theory?

What is Evolution?

Evolutionist Definitions

The problem of the origin of life.

Evolutionary Family Trees.

Macro evolution vs. Micro evolution (variation)

Darwin and Natural Selection.


Mutations the supposed mechanism for evolution

  "Vestigial" Organs: What do they prove?

Pseudogenes: are they non-functional?

Morphological Homology

Genetic Similarities


Variety within kinds -- not transitional forms.

Was there really a global Flood?

The Genesis Flood had to be Global.

Could the observed rock strata have formed rapidly in the Flood?

Evidence of Rapid Burial of Fossils.

How did all the animals fit on Noah’s Ark?

Polystrate Trees and Coal Seams of Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Flood legends

Earth Impacts and Noah’s Flood- Craters, Flood Geology, and the Bible

The Ice Age

The Great Sphinx of Egypt

Is it possible to build such a large wooden boat?

Where is the Ark?

Flood Time Line

Is a global flood possible?

Pre Flood Rivers of Genesis 2

Flood Models

Hydrological sorting

Fountains of the great deep

The Windows of Heaven

What about dinosaurs?

What are Dinosaurs?

Evolutionist and dinosaurs.

The Ica Stones

Dinosaurs still alive

Are dinosaur mentioned in the Bible?

Are dinosaurs mentioned in history?

Were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?

Could Behemoth have been a dinosaur?

What was Leviathan?

Radiometric Dating

Radiometric Dating Basics

What is Radiometric Dating

Carbon 14

Various radiometric dating methods.

Concordant dates

Radiometric Problems

Have the decay rates been constant?

Radio halos

Radiometric Dating Links


Cain’s wife—who was she?

Big foot

How did all the different ‘races’ arise (from Noah’s family)?

Does Evolution affect politics?

Global Warming

Busting the Carbon Dioxide Pollution Myth

Neutrinos Doing Faster than the Speed of Light is not a Problem for Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

SETI finds first confirmed Signals from an integument source

New 3D Dark Matter Map

Meet the Creator

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