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New 3D Dark Matter Map

Using data from the Hubble Space Telescope Astronomers have made a dark matter map. This map is based on estimates of gravitational attraction and not direct observation of this alleged invisible substance. The biggest assumption behind this map is that dark matter exists at all. It is a totally ad hoc way of dealing with some observed deviations from Newtonian / Einstein gravity and has never been proven to exist.

This is not the first time this has occurred before General Relativity was developed a deviation from Newtonian gravity was noticed in Mercury's orbit. An ad hoc theoretical planet was proposed to account for it but it was never found and did not exist. The problem turned out be that Newtonian gravity was not precise enough and General Relativity solved the problem without the ad hoc planet. Like wise dark matter is not the only solution to these observations. There are alternatives theories of gravity that solve this problem, one of which  Cosmological relativity was not developed to solve this problem but yet it does. It was the only theory inexistence that predicted the accelerating expansion of the universe and yet the scientific establishment prefers the ad hoc solutions of dark matter and dark energy. 


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