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Carbon 14 Dating

Carbon 14 dating is used for "dating" organic sample.

The theory is that cosmic rays reacts with upper atmospheric nitrogen to form Carbon14. The Carbon 14 falls to Earth gets absorbed by plants and animals so that the Carbon 14 levels constant through an animal's life and Carbon 14 levels drop from decay after death. The date is based on Carbon 12 / Carbon14 ratio.

Like all dating  methods there are assumptions.

  1. Past Carbon 12 / Carbon 14 Ratios are constant or can be determined.
  2. Carbon 12 / Carbon 14 Ratios are basically uniform around the Earth.
  3. Carbon 14 is absorbed by all organisms equally.
  4. Carbon 14 is evenly distributed through out an organism.
  5. Constant decay rate.

Carbon 14 has a half life of 5,750 years, theoretically giving it a maximum datable age of about 100,000 years. Now Carbon 14 dates this high be reconciled with Biblical dates?

The answer is that there was rapid post Flood increase in Carbon 14. This could have resulted from post flood fluctuation in Earth's magnetic field. The Solar system could have been exposed to above normal cosmic ray influx this would be consistent with accelerated nuclear decay during the Flood. It would also explain cosmic ray dating of meteors. These are not mutually exclusive.

This theory makes 3 testable predictions.

  1. Plants and animals from shortly after the flood should have significantly different Carbon14 dates for different parts of their bodies and surrounding organic material.
  2. There should be definite inconsistencies with old Carbon 14 dates, when applied to other uniformitarian methods.
  3. Organic material found in rocks supposedly too old for Carbon 14 dating, should have measurable amounts of C14.

  Anomalous C-14 Dates Associated with
Various Post Flood (Ice Age) Fossils

Animal C14 age 
in years
Item C14 age 
in years
Union Pacific Mammoth  11,300  Most recently 
formed ivory
  5,000 Wood in surrounding 
Chekurovka Mammoth 26,000 Hair   5,610 Overlaying peat
Ferguson Farm Mastodon   8,800 Bone collagen   6,200 Mud with organic matter 
with in the skull cavities
Fairbanks Creek Musk Ox 24,000 Scalp muscle 
17,200 Hair

Animals that have been found with significantly different Carbon 14 dates in different parts of their bodies or surrounding organic material, fulfilling prediction #1.


This shows definite and constant inconsistency between old Carbon 14 dates, when applied to tree rings and other uniformitarian methods. Carbon 14 give a fairly accurate date up to about 2,500 years ago, the it start deviating significantly younger than tree rings. There is some circular reasoning since older tree ring dates are often matched by uses of Carbon 14 as dealt with in the article on “Tree Rings.” While the carbon 14 does give a younger age the other methods, it only shows that they build up faster than Carbon 14 did.

It gets worse when it is compared to other methods. While there is a general trend there is no real constancy. This full fills prediction number #2.

Organic material found in rocks supposedly too old for C14 dating has shown measurable amounts of C14.

Unreliability of Radiometric Dating and Old Age of the Earth.

This full fills prediction #3.

So all three predictions of a rapid post Flood increase in Carbon 14 seem to have been confirmed, this strongly indicates that this theory is correct.

This model is further supported by the fact that Carbon 14 is found throughout the geologic column and the amounts do not vary with the location in the column above the Precambrian. This suggests that the layers formed quickly and at the about the same time. It further shows that the fossil organisms found in these rocks lived at the same time.

The only trends are as follows:

This is 100% consistent with a Young Earth creation model and the basic trend predicted by Young Earth creation.


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