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From  Answers in Genesis

According to evolutionists fossilization takes 10's of thousands or even millions of years. In the process they describe the animal dies, then sinks to the bottom of a body of water, were it gradually is buried by sediment. After 10's of thousands to millions of years, it becomes a fossil.

From  Answers in Genesis

What really happens when an animal dies is that it usually gets eaten leaving nothing to fossilize.

From  Answers in Genesis

Most fossils result from disasters. A fish is swimming happily along when it is taken out by a mud flow.

From  Answers in Genesis

This process rapidly buries animal the animal and it fossilizes in a few years.

Now rapid burial in catastrophic situations is not the only process that will slow decay enough to form fossils, but is the most common. To be fossilized a plant or animal needs sealed off from being eaten and in the right environment.  Rapid burial during a  catastrophic event has the advantage that it often places the organism in the right environment for fossilization, before anything else can happen to it.

Modern Fossilization

Tarawera's Night of Terror

  Petrified flour

The Limestone Cowboy.

   Fossilized Hat found in an old mine.

In addition wood can be petrified artificially in just few hours. The patent for this petrified wood is held by Hamilton Hicks and it was issued by US Patent Office on 9/16/1986 as patent # 4,612,050.

While the Flood produced most of the fossil record, it is clearly not the only event that produced them. There are post Flood events and situations that can produce fossils as well. The Flood simply provided an ideal environment for large scale fossilization. The key is that fossilization is not a slow process but can occur rapidly. It can occur on observable time scales as is evident from modern examples of fossilization.


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United States Patent: 4,612,050

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