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 Is it possible to build such a large wooden boat?

This question is based on the fact that modern attempts to build a wooden
ship the size of the Ark have failed. Such ships were V bottom ships and were build using planks. These tended to bend causing leaks.

The Ark was most likely a shallow flat bottom boat and making the lower deck out of logs 4 layer thick would prevent bending and the accompanying leaks. Internal structure would also help strengthen the Ark. Furthermore known ancient ship building techniques used elongated pegs to connect the planks, adding strength and helping to prevent leaks.  The Ark would actually have been very stable and sea worthy and its stability could be helped by loading the Ark bottom up.

Wooden ships of  about the Arks size have been built. The ancient Greek ship Syracusia was capable of carrying 400 tons and the Chinese sea-going junks of the 15th century approached size of the Ark.

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