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Macro evolution
Micro evolution 

When Evolutionists use the term Evolution they may be referring to either Micro evolution or Macro evolution.

Micro evolution is the observed variation with in a kind of animal. It is the fact that dogs produce a variety of dogs, cats produce a variety of cats and  roses produce a variety of roses. These increases in variety usually represent a loss of information, rearranging of existing information through the generic recombination, or Natural Genetic Engineering.  In Natural Genetic Engineering, DNA is rewritten by an organism to adapt to specific environmental conditions. This has been observed and it is no problem for creationists sense it is restricted to the genetic range of individual kinds of animals.

Macro evolution is ameba to man evolution. This has never been observed, but it is assumed to occur. It is a result of the failure to see the limits to micro evolution. It is assumed that repeated occurrence of micro evolution, produces macro evolution, It also assumes the addition of new genetic information. The real result of repeated occurrence of micro evolution would be a deterioration of the kind of animal. This would ultimately lead to extinction.

The chemicals that are alleged to have formed life, supposedly resulted from the eroding rocks by water. Macro evolution would actually be rock to a man. Furthermore based on the Big Bang it is really subatomic point to man.

Evolutionists routinely give examples of  micro evolution, to convince people of macro evolution, but there are no examples of macro evolution.


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