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Evolutionist Definitions

The following definitions may seem humorous, but they are what evolutionists have stated or what they seem to mean by the listed terms.

Beneficial mutation:  Any mutation that produces a result for which there exists an environment in which the organism with the mutation, is less likely to be killed, regardless of the over all affect on the organism's health and ability to reproduce.

Evidence: Discoveries that are successful in being published in a respectable scientific journal to the exclusion of all others.

Evolution: The definition depends on the situation. It can refer to the entire Big Bang to man idea or as narrowly as micro evolution. ( Observed variation in organisms ) The definition used depends on the need of the moment and can change without warning.

Mutation: Any change in DNA regardless of cause or result.

Information: Based Claude E. Shannon definition of information: Any combination of bits and bytes, without regard to content or meaning. The result is that any change in DNA even if it kills the organism, qualifies as new information.

Respectable scientific journal:  A scientific journal that assumes evolution, the geologic column and all related theories, and does not publishes anything that refutes them or any other sacred theories of the scientific establishment.

Scientist: An Evolutionist, particularly one who does not challenge any sacred theories of the scientific establishment.

Transitional form: Every form of a living thing, past, present and future. With the possible exception of those that end in extinction.

Gap: A period of time (evolutionary time scale) during which no fossils in a particular line have been found.


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