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More Geological Activity on Pluto

Sputnik planum

Most of this image shows craterless ice with nitrogen ice flows coming out of the cracks in the ice. This shows further evidence of current geological activity as well as a liquid subsurface. We do however find the first evidence of crater in a close up image and yet there are only seven a small part of the rougher terrain visible in this image suggesting that even this area is still rather young.

Cthilhu Regio

This image shows a dark area with significant cratering however the rest of the image shows a clear lack of craters but numerous mountains surrounded by thin ice sheets some of which shows cracking and evidence of underlying liquid material. The lack of craters among the mountains show they are recent features.

The evidence for recent geological activity on Pluto is overwhelming. Given the fact that the 4.5 billion year model predicts that Pluto should be geologically dead, while a recent creation, with periods of accelerated nuclear decay 4000 - 8000 years ago predicts recent geological activity on Pluto. This means that Pluto is providing excellent support for the Biblical creation model.

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