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Galactic Redshift
Cosmic Blackbody Radiation

Galactic Redshift.

Spectral lines come in two types, emission lines that are light on dark as seen above, and absorption lines that are dark on light.  When the frequencies do not line up right the spectra is shifted, with red towards the longer end and blue towards the shorter end.

When Edwin Hubble discovered galactic redshift he interpreted it as a Doppler shift. This is a change in frequency is caused by motion. A redshift indicates that the source is moving away from the observer and a blue shift indicates that the source is moving towards the observer. George Lemaitre's idea that it is cause by the wavelength of light being stretched in transit by a continual expansion of space has become the prominent interpretation of galactic redshift. 

There is also evidence of a  redshift quantization effect in the galactocentric frame of reference presenting a problem for the Big Bang.

Galactic redshift does suggest expanding space- time which not only fits the Big Bang but it fits with creationist cosmologies such as Dr. Russell Humphreys’ White Hole Cosmology as well. The discovery the the expansion rate of the universe is accelerating is actually a problem for the Big Bang. Not only did the Big Bang model fail to predict this Cosmological relativity had predicted it years before the discovery. This expansion is also referred to in the Bible as God stretching out the heavens, a good description of what General relativity says is happening.

Cosmic Background Radiation.


Cosmic Background Radiation is a steady microwave radiation from space. It is found in every direction and is roughly equal to 2.73K black body radiation. It is claimed to be residual radiation from the Big Bang.

The above map shows the presence of small fluctuations of about 0.001% in the black body temperature. The pattern fits that of shifted radiation of a boundary layer of the universe. They would represent small temperature variations.

This shows that cosmic background radiation does not necessarily come from the big bang because the White Hole Cosmology provides a source as well. The Bible actually describes a possible origin for for this radiation. In Genesis 1:3 God created light apparently coming from all directions, and an expansion of 1+z = 3300 would convert the visible light to the microwaves observed.

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Cosmic Background Radiation

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